Turkish Hooligans

Turkey is home to some of the world's most fanatical supporters. There culture is so strongly based on honour that people are prepared to kill to defend it. 80% of the Turkish population are below the poverty line and as with many other countries in the same situation, Turkey is a hotbed for football violence.

Police protect Fenerbahce player from a hail of missiles while he takes a corner

Fenerbahce and Galatasaray , who are both from Istanbul, are the two biggest clubs in Turkey. The Bosphorus Straits separates the two with Galatasaray on the European side and Fenerbahce on the Asian side of the city. Fenerbahce's firm are called KFY - Kill For You, who have a violent passion for there side and won't stop at anything to defend it. Galatasaray's firm are known as UltrAslan and they have members from all over the world. The UltrAslan brand has become so successful they have sold more tops than the club have sold team shirts. It was the hooligans who gave the brand to the club when they were 150 million pounds in debt, which stopped them from going out of business.

Galatasaray Hooligans Ultraslan

Galatasaray were involved in a violent clash back in 2000 when two Leeds United fans were tragically stabbed to death. The Turks claimed that drunken Leeds fans were being rowdy and pulled moonies on passers by, something which is a serious offence to Turkish customs. Leeds fans were attacked with iron bars, hatchets and knives. The two Leeds supporters were innocent parties caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In the UK there was a huge anti Turkey campaign and the media called for Galatasaray to be banned from european football. Those calls were ignored and Galatasaray went on to win the UEFA cup beating Arsenal in the final. There was more riots after the match had finished and four fans were stabbed as the hatred between English and Turkish fans became even stronger.